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Jul. 31st, 2008

the lake

Hello...is there anyone out there?

~ Seems like forever since there was a post here. My bad for not keeping up here, then I have many blogs for some reason...so if your reading this then comment. So I know that you've for one reason or another your checking your blogs!

~ Jobunches 

Nov. 29th, 2006

Grandma's Lake

I Love You Dad...

When you came into our lives,
We didn't know what a real father was.

You taught us respect, responsibility,
and gave us good strong values to pass along.

You loved us unconditionally,
As if we were your own.

You made us a family when you came into our lives.
Dad, we love you.

Jody P. Auck 10/22/2006

Sep. 11th, 2006

Grandma's Lake

Five years later...

As we stand united,
We think of all those injured, lost, or missing.
As we sing our national anthem,
We think of all the ongoing rescues.
As we pray,
We pray for everyone, and for a better world.
As we cry,
We shed our tears for everyone.
As we heal,
We stand united and stronger than before.
As we return to daily life,
We will never forget the tragedies of 9-11-01.


Written by Jody Auck 9/16/01

Jul. 30th, 2006

the lake

Greetings Family...

Happy Anniversary Shawn and Jeana!!

~August 5, 2006...Tiffany's bridal shower 2pm @ Jojo's house!

~Get those RSVP cards sent back by August 12, 2006...THANK YOU!

Jul. 12th, 2006

the lake


July 20th is tiffany16720 birthday...she'll be 22.
July 30th is Shawn and jeanarama's anniversary. It's the 7 year mark for them.
August 4th is Chuck's birthday. (Deb's Hubby)
August 5th is Tiffany's bridal shower.
August 7th is Paula's birthday.
August 15th is Tim's birthday.
August 18th is Raymond's birthday.
August 21st Mark and Rachel's anniversary. (Let me know if I have this date wrong...Thanks.)
August 25th is Kelly and Kari's 18th Birthday!
August 26th Matthew and Tiffany's wedding!! (Mark your calanders!)
August 28th is Billy's birthday. (Deb's Son)

I think that is all the important dates to remember...If you have any date you want the family to know...shoot me an email and I will post it here...

Have a great day!
Grandma's Lake

Hey...Jojo here...


26 years and still goin' strong!!!


May. 31st, 2006

the lake

Guess who...


It was a great Memorial Weekend! Tim and I and Troy arrived around 1:30pm got our camper set up...Montague's Resort is up and running...and no I did not take a picture of the three campers in a row...I will have plenty other opportunities to get one this summer. Saturday night was lets just say interesting! "I love you guys!"

Ohhhh, it was HOT! Tiffany came up and brought her friend LeeAnn and her daughter AshLee along for the day. Tony had gotten the day off at the OCB so he could come up as well! Mark, Rachel, Tiffany, Tony, LeeAnn took all the Kids to the beach that afternoon...Mom and I crafted...Jeana sunbathed on the dock...Generally we all relaxed!

Sunday could of been the worst day ever! Since a crack was discovered in one of the pontoons...and yes it had filled up with water as Tim and Mark found out when towing the pontoon out of the water...It ended up on it's side against a tree...No there isn't a picture because some of us will never forget that image! Tim, Mark and Mike were able to get the boat ride side up! So Tim and Mike head into Nisswa to find help...The good folks at Nisswa Marine gave Tim a card and later that afternoon the pontoon was back in the water!

You can see some great pictures from this weekend here!

~Congratulations Kelly and Kari!!
~See you all on Saturday!!


May. 25th, 2006

Grandma's Lake2

Howdy gang...

Tiff's Pics a link to photos that Tiff has through her livejournal...These are public so go take a look!

Jojo's Pics my pictures on Livejournal.

Lake Pics if you have pictures that you would like to share from the lake email them to Jojo at jo55448 at yahoo dot com and I will post them in the photo gallery. I have already put pictures there so go and check them out!

The holiday weekend is near, Bell says that it's going to be very warm!! I'm liking the sound of that! Be sure to watch the Cabin Cast on KARE11 10pm News Tonight!!

I will see many of you this weekend up at Grama's Lake...and the rest of you have a great weekend!!

May. 18th, 2006

the lake

Hey gang...

HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY RACHEL!!! I hope that you had a most excellent day!! 

There's a new link on the links list to Tiffany and Matt's Wedding page, go check it out! (Links are on the left hand side of this page.)

May. 16th, 2006

the lake

Some pictures from Mother's day at Jojo's

Can't wait... Can't wait...
Uncle Jack can't wait to get out on the pontoon! 5/14/2006
Jody, Grama, and Jeana Jody, Grama, and Jeana
Mother's Day 2006.
Sisters! Sisters!
Mother's Day 2006.
Tiffany and Grama Tiffany and Grama

Click on the pic to see a larger view. 

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